This post will understand how the web stack works, Defining topics such as Database, DNS Request, TCP / IP, etc.

When we surf the internet, we have never asked ourselves, how does it work? How do I access web pages? We only search, find and use them without even knowing the tip of the iceberg.

To understand what a DNS is, we first have to define it as an IP address translator.

What happens when we search our browser for “” is that it will search its cache and if it cannot find it, it will search the Domain Name…

The project to implement the API Stripe in the Bankity app was designed for users in the USA (principally), where the API would facilitate to the management of data (Transaction, users, amount, balance, etc) to the level of our app. The users would manage their balances and administrate your spent (weekly, monthly, they choose). Our app basically serves to help the manage the spent to the people and to ease the acquisition of a credit card. To complete the project, we had worked with 3 awesome technologies: Stripe, Firebase, and NodeJS. …

Why using libraries?

Typically C functions/C++ classes and methods which can be shared by more than one application are broken out of the application’s source code, compiled, and bundled into a library. The C standard libraries and C++ STL are examples of shared components that can be linked with your code. The benefit is that every object file need not be stated when linking because the developer can reference the library collective. This simplifies the multiple-use and sharing of software components between applications. It also allows application vendors a way to simply release an API to interface with an application.

How do they work?

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