The project to implement the API Stripe in the Bankity app was designed for users in the USA (principally), where the API would facilitate to the management of data (Transaction, users, amount, balance, etc) to the level of our app. The users would manage their balances and administrate your spent (weekly, monthly, they choose). Our app basically serves to help the manage the spent to the people and to ease the acquisition of a credit card. To complete the project, we had worked with 3 awesome technologies: Stripe, Firebase, and NodeJS. My team (meta code) decided to divide the functions; Didier will take over to do the NodeJS Code for the implement the API, Gustavo and me (Jhon) will take over the database and functions of firebase, also compile the app.

To be honest, we never thought to work on the Bankity project, that was the last option because we had never worked with the technologies that they required, and for it, we had fear for accept the project, but even with fear, unknowing the technologies and not knowing if we could finish the project successfully, we decided to accept the project and do it personally (like was a really work), while the days advancing, we were learning all days as the industries worked in the real-life, also learning how we would work better and efficiently, and the most important was that we could work as a real team and we could finish the project successfully. The personal learn was awesome, that is things that not learn in a school, but until living it.



Software developer

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